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President’s Opinion

Paul CousinsAs 2015 closes we celebrate the holiday season with our family and friends and take time to appreciate what we hold dear. We thank those that have helped us make it through and also use the time to “recharge our batteries” for the coming year. Our work often doesn’t allow for a “normal” life; many of us work rosters with shifts that run through the night or take place on that public holiday that everyone else seems to have off. So whilst 95% of the country will be celebrating Christmas and the New Year a select group will be holding the fort; making sure aircraft are safe for all those who fly. This is what we do, we are proud of it and without us the world of aviation would be a far different, and much more dangerous, place.

The recent release of the official report on the Air Asia crash (flight QZ8501) once again brought the harsh realities of air travel and what can go wrong directly into lounge rooms around the world. Warning signs abounded in this disaster which was, I’m sad to say, avoidable. The pilot and co-pilot have borne the brunt of the responsibility for their “lack” of “out of the ordinary” flying skills. Let’s of course remember they aren’t here to defend themselves. The elephant in the room, in my opinion, was the maintenance defect that had shown up over twenty times over the previous twelve months yet had been consistently ignored and not properly investigated. Reading the official report is an eye opener and obviously there are serious issues that need to be attended to immediately at Air Asia. What struck me, and troubles me, is the similarities I see with occurrences that are now creeping into our own airlines, often created by management with little or no engineering experience. What isn’t clear from the report though is whether Air Asia had appropriately trained and licenced personnel looking at this defect in the various ports the aircraft visited over that twelve month period? Were parts available to carry out troubleshooting and rectification once the defect was diagnosed? Was sufficient time and resources allocated to the job? Was it a tragic example over schedule over safety and time-pressure to get the aircraft out on time? Or was it that properly-skilled personnel weren’t available to diagnose and troubleshoot the defect? The link to the Air Asia report can be found here

LAMEs are the last line of defence in air safety and we are responsible to the people of Australia to make sure every aircraft is safe. Do not be deterred. Do not be distracted. Do it right, the first time. Have a clear conscience that you have done everything in your power to ensure the safety of the aircraft you sign.It seems that manning levels in all airlines in all ports is a big issue currently. We are getting consistent reports from ALAEA Reps around the country that many operators are consciously dropping below their own specified minimum staffing numbers (in some cases an agreed staffing level in an Enterprise Agreement) to see how far the “machine” can run before it breaks. This, of course, exacerbates time pressure and schedule over safety. When you are pushed to rush from one job to another vital points of a job can be missed. Do not let it be you. Slow down; one job at a time, make sure every step is followed and every precaution taken. We do not want an Air Asia catastrophe on our watch. You are not in the wrong if you delay an aircraft because you want to be sure it is 100% safe. That is your job and responsibility.

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Employment Opportunity for B1.1 LAME's in the GA sector

Attention B1.1 GA LAME's

Employment opportunities for B1.1 LAME's with experience with Cessna 208 or F406 and PT6 or TPE331 engine type ratings.

Required for "in house maintenance" and "field turnarounds".

Working directly for a global company. Permanent staff roles.

Domestic and international travel on a set roster of 6 weeks on 3 weeks off. Successsful applicants can be based anywhere in Australia.

Urgent requirement. Immediate Start required.

Applications close 29/2/2016

For more information contact

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REX Technical Records Officer – Wagga Wagga

Regional Express (Rex) is Australia’s largest independent regional airline operating a fleet of more than 40 Saab 340 aircraft on some 1,400 weekly flights to 54 destinations throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland.

An opportunity exists for a suitably qualified and highly motivated individual to work within the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation, Technical Records department in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Click here to view further job details.

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Final Report - The Future of Aircraft Maintenance in Australia: Workforce Capability, Aviation Safety and Industry Development

ReportAfter 4 years of intensive research and analysis the University of NSW's Business School's Industrial Relations Research Centre has released their final report into the future of aircraft maintenance in Australia.

 The project was initiated by the ALAEA in 2007 in order to properly gauge the value to Australia's economy and the safety benefits to the flying public and airline employees of a domestic based aircraft maintenance industry.

To ensure that the project produced an unbiased report with data that governments could rely on when formulating aviation industry policy a number of cross industry partners joined the project. They included partners from employers, unions and the training sector.

There has arguably been no other intensive study of this nature carried out in Australia. 

The report identifies a number of areas of opportunity for the Australian maintenance and maintenance training sector to grow and excel as global aviation continues its rapid expansion.

It also identifies some severe consequences if the actions aren't taken to address some key problems plaguing the industry at the moment.

The report is lengthy but is a worthwhile read. We encourage you to take the time to learn about the state of our industry and what the future holds.       


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Launch of Aircraft Engineer International newsletter - "Released to Service"

Please find attached the launch of Aircraft Engineers International newsletter "Released to Service". 

Click here to read.
Paul Cousins
Federal President

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Notice of alteration of rules – Fair Work Commission

Please find attached notice of alteration of rules – Fair Work Commission.

Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary 

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Cleaning Up - Cabin Air Quality

Fellow union safety and health advocates:

A UK study found detectable engine oil chemicals in the air on 23 of 100 sampled flights, and airline crews report onboard exposure to oil fumes on a daily basis around the world. Crews and passengers need a blood test to enable them to prove exposure to oil fumes, because without proof, they don’t get the medical help they need and there is no pressure on the industry to clean up the air. Please watch this video and decide to support this campaign to clean up the cabin air. Please distribute the link to your union members today – websites, social media, email, anything!Only together can we can make meaningful change.

In solidarity,


Judith Anderson

Industrial Hygienist, AFA-CWA

Board member, Clean Up the Cabin Air!

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All members - interesting read from ALAE

Please find attached an interesting read from our brother counterparts in the UK - ALAE.
Click here to read.
Paul Cousins
Federal President

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SuperStream makes paying super simple


SuperStream makes paying super simple for the engineering and technical services industry

Small business owners with 19 or fewer employees need to start paying super contributions and sending member information electronically through SuperStream.

The new, streamlined process, which came into effect on 1 July, provides a consistent and simplified way for employers to make super contributions on behalf of their employees. 

Under SuperStream, those responsible for paying super contributions for engineering and technical services businesses will be able to pay super to multiple super funds through one channel – saving time and money.

Over 350,000 employers nationwide, including around 250,000 small employers, have already made the switch.

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Autovate One: Great Deal for ALAEA members

Autovate One

Autovate One is an innovative way for ALAEA members to buy and run a car on one bill, similar to a mobile phone contract. Best of all it is a complete solution that can save your members money, time and worry, as Autovate One takes care of the details.

At Autovate One we use our industry and financial connections to bundle the cost of buying and running a car into one regular payment, allowing members to save thousands of dollars on the carof their choice. Packages can be customised to specific needs, and because it's a bundled paymentaligned to every pay cycle, it means that there are no surprises as Autovate One pays all the bills for you.

As a special offer for ALAEA members, we can offer a $500 Accessory voucher for every vehicle financed through Autovate One.

Find out more here or download the flier below.

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